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Southern University Alumni Federation, Houston Chapter

making s​trides for the future of our alma mater   





The Southern University Alumni – Houston Chapter scholarship program provides scholarships and computers to students in the greater Houston area pursuinghigher education at a campus in the Southern University and A&M College System.

· Applicant may be a high school graduating senior or student returning in the fall as a full-time student.

· Applicant must meet university requirements.

· The deadline to submit an application is March 15, 2020.

· Incomplete applications and applications received after the submission deadline will not be considered and notification will not be made. 

Scholarships will be announced by April 15 for use during the upcoming academic year (fall/spring). Scholarship recipients will be required to submit proof of full-time enrollment before awards are disbursed.

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Two scholarship options are below (use links)

General Scholarship Application

Legacy Grant Application

Southern University Alumni Federation, Houston Chapter

Scholarship Receipients

We'd like to thank everyone who help to make our annual scholarship drive a great success. Due to our annual fundraisers and your generous donations, we were able to award scholarships and computers to local students.

Great job Jaguars!

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